I went to my first yoga class in January 2011 and I was HOOKED! I couldn’t believe how energetic it made me feel, the feeling of calm that grew and how my physical body started to open. Soon I become to realise there was a lot more to yoga than I first thought. I began to learn that the Asana (postures) were only a small part of it. I learnt how powerful yoga was when it helped me quit smoking after many failed attempts in the past. Never underestimate the power of yoga!


The following year in June 2012 I ventured over to Bali to do my Level 1 (200 hours) Yoga Teacher Training with Byron Yoga Centre as part of a career change which I had been contemplating for some time after years of working in a job which I was not passionate about. I feel lucky to have chosen to do my initial training with them as they placed a huge priority on practicing Ahimsa (non-violence) and part of this was training their students to teach a safe class by being aware of any contraindications that were applicable. They also placed a huge emphasis on the fact that postures were only a small part of yoga, and that there is a lot more to it than that. I I decided to do more training with Byron Yoga Centre by completing my Level 2 training (500 hours) with them in Bali and 90 hours of Yoga Therapy training in Byron Bay. It was during my first trip to Bali that I also discovered Yin Yoga and in February 2014 I was fortunate enough to study Yin with Sarah Powers from the USA who is one of the most highly regarded Yin Yoga teachers in the world. I began teaching Yin regularly the next month and have done so since then. I love how it opens up the connective tissues, it can be sequenced to affect certain meridians (invisible pathways in the body) and is very grounding and meditative. It is a great complement to my yang forms of yoga and my regular gym routine.

In addition to these studies I have also studied restorative yoga with one of the world’s most sought after Iyengar Yoga teachers, Judith Hanson Lasater in August 2014.

I am a qualified kids yoga teacher through Rainbow Kids Yoga.

I studied Lifeforce Yoga with Amy Weintraub who is the author Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapist in 2016 and 2017.  In my opinion, Amy is one of the worlds experts on yoga therapy for mental health. My studies for her have helped me run workshops on using yoga to balance your mood and to aid better sleep. It gives me a great deal of pleasure when I have students contact me to tell me how much they enjoy my classes and how their lives have improved as a result.

In December 2017, I was lucky enough to do some more yin training with Jo Phee of Singapore which was eye opening for me as I learnt so much!

My goal is to help spread the word on the power of yoga to enhance your general wellbeing, particular as a part of a holistic approach to improving mental health as I have seen how yoga has helped improve my own mental health. I believe there is a style of yoga for EVERYONE!

Namaste, Liz

'When you finish one of Liz's classes, you are a state of yoga bliss. Liz has incredible knowledge and weaves this with her love of yoga to create an amazing restorative environment for yoga and for magic to happen. I really enjoy the combination of yoga nidra and restorative yoga in Liz's classes, it gives me time to take care of myself, in a safe supportive environment'
Sue McShane owner of Balanced Yoga Kingston ACT