I discovered Pilates in October 2003 after suffering from a small tear in my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in my right knee from falling off my 3yo filly who I had just started under saddle. My current personal trainer had just bought a reformer and instead of going running with her and doing weights I worked on rehabbing my knee with the reformer and later on the Wunda chair. also discovered mat Pilates then and what my transversus abdominis was really supposed to do! A lot more than it had been doing!
After completing my Certificate IV in Fitness, I completed matwork Pilates studies with the Australian Fitness network then matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, pre and post natal, foam roller and back pain training with Studio Pilates International.

I I have now also completed my Diploma in Fitness so I can better cater for clients with special needs. I have been teaching Pilates matwork and equipment since January 2015 at several gyms and studios in Canberra. For me, Pilates is not just about rehabilitation, it’s about pre-habilitation, preventing injury and keeping your body healthy by encouraging safe and effective movement patterns. Pilates works the stabilising muscles in the body like, transversus abdominis, multifidus, gluteus medius and iliacus which we don’t always work in a gym setting as the global muscles are focused on instead. When performed correctly it will develop efficient movement patterns that will enhance how your body performs everyday tasks. I believe Pilates is beneficial for everyone!

'In the short amount of time that she was here, Liz managed to build a solid client base and helped greatly in assisting the Club in implementing new systems that have helped streamline the business. 
Liz is a passionate and professional individual that has gone the extra mile in not only helping ladies achieve their goals but also in helping the business grow and recruiting great new talent
Michelle Dean,  Club Coordinator Fernwood Fitness Gungahlin (2017)